WHO Director
General Tedros Adhanon Ghebreye told a press conference that “lifting restrictions could lead to a deadly resurgence “.
As some European countries report a slowing of the epidemic like Germany, Italy, Spain and France.
Although there’s been an alarming acceleration in community transmission in 16 countries of Africa.
A country like Yemen who was already devastated by war, the spread of hunger and disease reported its first case of Coronavirus on Friday which will be a bad news for an already overstretched poor health system.

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The reality check of a graffiti in Hong Kong says “there can be no return to normal because normal was the problem in the first place “.
As world leaders are facing the consequences of false certainties and convictions and there’s a second thought about the believe of an invisible factor.
So a lot to take into consideration when the daily death toll of the United States has reached 2000 and New York 911 emergency line is at a record 15 seconds per call.

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As Wuhan emerges from two and half months lockdown. The city has started to return to a normal state with trains and flights all running and people free to travel.
This city has seen the birth of the Coronavirus and apart seeing nearly everyone wearing a mask the question in people’s mind would be if any measure being taken for example, at the live market where people say the virus started and how are people dealing with the aftermath of a virus that is still ravaging countries around the world.


There’s a deep concern about the Coronavirus In Africa country like South Africa is recording 1700 cases in total but experts are worrying about the underestimated figure of 10000 cases across the continent which has a fragile health system and people rely on aid organizations. But trust has been shaken during this pandemic with western talk of Africa as a testing ground for a vaccine at a time where most are focused on the economic impact and the massive cancellations of debts.


 psg hit 9 as Monaco rooted at home

Ligue 1 leader PSG crushed the bottom club Guingump 9 - 0 on Saturday with hat trick from Cavani and Mbappe.
Neymar braces and meunier on the score sheet to avenge Guingump leugeu cup quarter- final win earlier this month.
Thiery Henry Monaco suffered a heavy defeat to Strasbourg as their battle to avoid relegation is getting slimmer with a 5 - 0 home defeat.


Clash after Kazakhstan election result



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